The event for entrepreneurs who want to break through mental road blocks
Breakthrough...     break...through
Break through the noise
Break through the confusion
Break through the depression
Break through the anxiety
Break through the trauma
Strip away the pretense
Throw away the blinders
Then, and only then, can you see the truth
The truth about your life
The truth about your career
Possibly even the truth about the universe... and God
But, most importantly, the truth about...
You are going to have a very intimate conversation with yourself
Then, and only then, will you finally understand your life
Then, and only then, will you finally know LOVE
You will feel like someone finally washed the windows of your mind
You will SEE for the first time
You will have - finally!! - CLARITY.
About your life, your business, your career, your family, your purpose.
Wouldn't that be nice?
This is an exclusive event designed for entrepreneurs to achieve a massive mental breakthrough using psychedelics
Our goal is to unleash the ultimate YOU
To do that, we must break through the walls you’ve built in your mind
Those walls are holding you in
And when we break through them, you become UNLIMITED
You can have everything you want 
First, you must discover who you are
Come to terms with the past
And - finally - HEAL
You must explore the deep recesses of your mind
It's like having 100 therapy sessions in one night
It is truly a BREAKTHROUGH
And you will gain 4-5 very close friends and a community in the span of 48 hours
You will get to know their deepest desires and problems
And, if you're willing, they will know yours
Everything shared will be 100% confidential
But you will also have FUN
You will probably find yourself rolling on the floor laughing - literally
You will probably cry - and it will feel really good
And you will walk away ready to take on anything and everything

And you will probably walk away with a deeper understanding of your faith (you might even talk to God)
Just ask these alumni:
"If you are like me, you are overdue to step away and invest some time into being introspective. This is what the Breakthrough experience does. After my first retreat with Sam and Kriss, I developed a level of calm that I can tune into whenever I need it. This was a huge shift for me as a relatively anxious person. 

At my second retreat, I saw first hand how powerful it can be to have a group of like minded people journeying deeply together. I'm thankful for these retreats and for the relationships and encouragement I've enjoyed from fellow attendees. If you are open to the journey that unfolds, you won't regret it, and you might end up like me and become a lifelong attendee.

- Dave 
"These retreats were a game-changer for me. I finally figured out I've been dealing with anxiety for years and didn’t even know it. But the most impactful thing I figured out while in the depths exploring my mind? How to access 'flow state' more consistently and for longer periods. It's seriously like unlocking a superpower. 

"Since the last retreat, my business has just skyrocketed. It's amazing how much changed in just three months. Another huge win for me has been learning to be more patient with my family. I've become a better dad, understanding and connecting with my kids in ways I never did before. Beyond the personal growth and professional success, I've made lifelong friends from the two retreats I've done. Super grateful for the whole experience and definitely recommend it if you're looking to transform your life, mindset, and relationships." 

- John
"The Breakthrough experience was incredibly powerful - one of the best self-care and self-growth decisions I’ve ever made. 

The years leading up to Breakthrough were some of the hardest of my life professionally and personally: There are a lot of positives to taking off a multiple day period to be totally focused on personal growth. 

One of the most powerful and surprising was the strength of the community and bonds that were formed. It’s been 9 months since my last breakthrough experience and the group text chain is still active, and I’ve had several one on one calls with other attendees for advice and support. 

 If you’re working through tough times or trying to breakthrough patterns holding you back, I’d highly recommend making the time and commitment to attend a Breakthrough.” 

- Greg
"A year ago I was power washing decks for a living, trying to figure out what to do with my life. I had a million opportunities, but couldn't settle on one.  I was confused and depressed. 

I was part of an elite military unit for a decade plus and everything felt like a letdown after leaving that career. I needed something that felt important, mission-oriented, that used my skills as an elite operator.  

Now, just 10 months later, I have tripled my income, started my dream business and I'm helping people struggling with  the same issues I had. 

It all started with a simple comment from a fellow attendee. It was like a smack in the face.  I needed it so bad, I didn't even realize it. 

And now my life is immeasurably better.  My wife has noticed.  My family has noticed. And I get a little better every day. And it all started with Breakthrough.  It truly was a breakthrough.” 

- Christian


Here's how it works:
We'll notify you of dates and location
We like remote mountain locations where we can be away from noise and distraction
You show up, we take care of the rest
Cost for our events varies and we can discuss on our introductory phone call
We will be in a completely safe environment
This journey is 100% confidential
No woo woo
No gurus
The process is backed by dozens of scientific studies...
and the experience of millions through the ages
We will be guided by experienced professionals
We will enjoy healthy, delicious meals prepared by our in-house staff 
Then - we will begin our journey
You will begin your journey
Your journey will be customized for you and your needs based on pre-interviews
We will journey together, but your trip will be very much individualized
The next morning we’ll eat, share more, and enjoy nature
You may feel like opening up and revealing more of your inner self
You will see the world in a new light
There will be a second journey, again customized for your needs, on day two
Then we'll rest
On day 3 we’ll share our experiences...
and see how we’ve changed
We’ll set a plan to integrate our learnings into the world
A new world...
...full of possibilities we never dreamed of
Then, we will be unleashed on this new world
Sound like something you need?
All you need is a plane ticket, we’ll handle the rest
Admit it: you NEED this don't you?

There will be a pre-vetting and pre-interview process to determine if this program is right for you and answer all your questions.

The safety and comfort of our guests is our #1 priority.  

All of our guests are vetted for medical and psychological conditions. 

We will happily answer all your questions and concerns on a phone call, please fill out the information below to get started...

Ready? Go:

Tell us why you are interested in this program and what you hope to get from it

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