The event for entrepreneurs who want to break through mental road blocks
Breakthrough...     break...through
Break through the noise
Break through the confusion
Break through the depression
Break through the anxiety
Break through the trauma
Strip away the pretense
Throw away the blinders
Then, and only then, can you see the truth
The truth about your life
The truth about your career
Possibly even the truth about the universe
But, most importantly, the truth about...
You are going to have a very intimate conversation with yourself
Then, and only then, will you finally understand your life
Then, and only then, will you finally know LOVE
You will feel like someone finally washed the windows of your mind
You will SEE for the first time
This is an exclusive event designed for massive mental breakthrough using psychedelics
Our goal is to unleash the ultimate YOU
To do that, we must break through the walls you’ve built in your mind
Those walls are holding you in
And when we break through them, you become UNLIMITED
You can have everything you want 
First, you must discover who you are
Come to terms with the past
And - finally - HEAL
You must explore the deep recesses of your mind
It's like having 100 therapy sessions in one night
It is truly a BREAKTHROUGH
When you walk away, you can have: 


Here's how it works:
We’ll arrive in Salt Lake City as early as possibly on April 21st, 2023
Then take a 1-hour drive to one of the most stunning towns in America
There will be 9 other high-achieving entrepreneurs who want a breakthrough just like you
We will get to know each other on a very deep level
We will likely form a bond that will last our lifetimes
We will come prepared to be vulnerable - but we won’t be forced to do anything
We will be in a completely safe environment
This journey is 100% confidential
No woo woo
No gurus
The process is backed by dozens of scientific studies...
and the experience of millions through the ages
We will be guided by experienced, certified counselors
We will enjoy healthy, delicious meals prepared by our in-house staff 
Then - we will begin our journey
You will begin your journey
Your journey will be customized for you and your needs based on pre-interviews
We will journey together, but your trip will be very much individualized
The next morning we’ll eat, share more, and enjoy nature
You may feel like opening up and revealing more of your inner self
You will see the world in a new light
There will be a second journey, again customized for your needs, on day two
Then we'll rest
On day 3 we’ll share our experiences...
and see how we’ve changed
We’ll set a plan to integrate our learnings into the world
A new world...
...full of possibilities we never dreamed of
Then, we will be unleashed on this new world
Sound like something you need?
All you need is a plane ticket to Salt Lake City, we’ll handle the rest
Plan on leaving the afternoon of April 23rd
The cost is $3000 and includes lodging, meals, ground transportation and everything you need for your journey

Fill out the form to reserve your spot:
Note: this program is not cheap because a) its worth it and b) we give scholarships to war veterans who desperately need this therapy.  Your fees will help a war veteran overcome PTSD. 
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